Entry title: formspring(;
Date / Time : Monday, April 12, 2010 / 1:29 AM
if any of u guys have any questions or enquiries to ask about me or want intro ,kindly do ask me in my formspring alrighteeyyss? it is much more convenient! (: too shy? no worries, u can ask anonymously and i will reply to u asap! thank you for yr cooperation!


with lots of love,
Seliyana Gomez(:

Entry title:
Date / Time : Wednesday, April 07, 2010 / 2:58 AM

firstly, my apologies for not updating for 1 mth.
March had been a very hectic month this yr, been busy with gigs and comps. :/
and i am just plain tireddd nw...
a vacation is all i need or at least a holiday.

finally SBDC is over, yeap TRNUDC gt silver in varsity cat. (: an achivement for us i shuld say.

anyways, today i just had my 2.4 run for NAFA.
yesssaa, i gt GOLD for that! BAIKK LIYANA! xDDD
k lame!
oh oh, i gt my chipped tooth fixed too!
it is already straight (= imlovin'it!
after half an hour of filling my tooth, when it was finally done and after i took off the glasses, then she was like "are u chinese or malay?"
i was puzzled so i replied, "malay..?" -.- she doesnt noticed me since just now. LOL!
some thought i was pinoy chinese? some say eurasian?
W.E.I.R.D! ahha, im mixed :D
wouldnt it be cool if u have 4 different races in your blood just like my aunt.
then u can converse in 4 languanges, kan besttt! versatile! (:

just came from school and i stink so i immediately bathe and right now i smell niceeeee! wooots~ xD
today's library duty was fun!
played errr, i dont reallie know whats the title but it was awesome, something like scrabble but FUN-ER!

played with jeannie, phyllis and yiming plus jessica and li xuan. nivian was the helper, she's good in english but sadly im nt so yea. :P
we came out with weird words and it sounded funny though.
Peh Yi Ming nothing to do so he took letters and create his own name tag -___________-
as usual i only score abt 25-29 points, but not bad right right right? i know=)
and oh yes, i feel like becoming a tutor for maths for the sec 1s and those who needs help in emaths. idontwhy, but to me when u teach and tried to explain at the same time, you urself will learn more too.
i dont mind teaching POA too, i scored full marks on yesterday's test!
GAHHH, SO HAPPY! :D kembang already, lol!

currently watching Cinta dan Anugerah, an Indon Sinetron.
yes i love drama!
dang it!
i almost forget this friday im supposed to do a singing performance with Rina,Syasya, Ama,Phyllis and Jeannie while Ari play the guitar for this upcoming friday for old folks.
we havent try it out yet, cant find a suitable day.
perhaps tomorrow will be the only day , sadly :(
another stress.
next week i have a and e maths plus physics test.
oh god, double the stresss:/
dear god, pls teach me to be patient to overcome all this and guide me along this ride..

right now, im done with amaths home and im left with chem.
im done typing for tday.
too many things on my mind.

ps: i found my nick j here in sg. :)

with lots of love,


Entry title:
Date / Time : Sunday, February 14, 2010 / 8:28 AM
basically, i dont know what to do now.
i've checked my fb,twitter..
yea i went to youtube to watch videos and stuff.
i watched ICarly shows, and OH YES i watched Nick J's Detroit concert when he sang 'Stay'.
he sang so beautifully.
no wonder Selena cried,if i was there i would too,no doubt.
and uh huh,i might be the slowest human on earth.
but i fell in love with the song plus WHOIAM. (:
nick,if only you were right here to sing for me.
i swear it will made my day and i will have the biggest, widest smile EVER flashed on my face. :DDDDDDDDD

that's what i called a dream come true IF it happened.
i know, DREAM ON!
oh well..
but still who knows, it might?
in the future!
okay what the heck?

it's 12:43 am now.
and im not in my bed yet.
and yes i do agree , it's HUMID in SG!
im kinda perspiring typing this.
and time is running out...

currently listening to "when you look me in the eyes"
and waiting for the zoo's pictures we took yesterday to be uploaded.

oh yahh, last but not least!

till here P.O.L
gotta head to bed now before u-know-who would comes back home.
hope to hav a wonderful dream of nick J! =)


Entry title:
Date / Time : Friday, February 05, 2010 / 4:55 AM

i feel so dreaddeedd.
in class, im trying my very best to be awake.

just now, during break, i had fun with girlfriends.
we were .....................
*top secret
only we girls know.
i cannot take it.
but u make my day though'.

right now , im so bored that i had been online since 6? i guess.
or earlier.
taking pictures here and there.
but at least there are a few people to chat with.
or i will die due to boredomness.
hmm, well like i said, i was so bored that i camwhored myself.
since my sister is asleep. -.-
and im alone at hme with nanny.

oh yah, tomorrow i have school.
i have star leader investiture rehearsal.
in the morning somemore.
note to self = please wake up at 6.30 am ! and dont be late!!
plus i hv prac tomorrow.
time check= 9.57pm
god, i havent had my dinner yet. :(
i better go nowww!
*stomach's growling
currently : chatting with fizh, shafaie,syafiq,rio(KANYE) and tedd. :D
ps:i was told to do this!
hahahahhaahahhahahhahah! :P


with lots of love,
Seliyana (:

Entry title: SHOPPING
Date / Time : Tuesday, February 02, 2010 / 10:52 PM
hollaaa people. :D
first of all, thousand apologies for the lack of updates.
too many things occurred at the same time and i was busy in a way.
with the usual stuffs.
due to that, my blog is sooo deadddd.
actually, i was planning to have a tumblr account but im not sure yet thou'
should i?
i dont know, im fickle-minded!
i dont want to abandon this blog too. it has been alive since i was pri 4. LOL!
butttt kak syaz showed me nick j's pix and OMGOSH!
i was so tempted to join so i can see him everyday! woooootss~ XD
but how how how?

oh well, i'll put that aside first.
anyway, yesterday just went shopping with aryll and abg shazran as well as sistas at plaza sing.
since we won vouchers at 77th street for getting 1st runner up at a dance comp in Punggol last sunday, we decided to spend it on that day itself before it expires. :p
i bought a cap, specs, necklace and a bracelet.
i overspent actually. heheh...
knowing me, anything that looks nice, i just grab and buy!
but provided i must use it then.. (:
despite that, we received a goodie bag for free!
it consists of a PINK lanyard , PINK jewels, badge, fake tatoos and etc...
kak syaz and abg shazran "perasan werewolfs" when they gt the tatoo that looks like taylor's so called "tatoo" on the right shoulder. -__________-"
or should i say...
dont mind me, im a vampire girl :D
k,where was i?
oh god, im side tracking.

RIGHHTT, after that we went for dinner at LJS.
i couldnt take it already.
me and aryll were like complaining in the shop since our stomach was so empttyyy.
not much of him , but me in fact :D
and oh ps to abg shazran : STOP PINCHING MY CHEEKS! XD
and yes, while waiting for kak syaz's food to arrive, trisya, abg shazran and me started to eat already but aryll , being a gentleman, waited for kak syaz.
in the end, he was the one who finished first.
i was like WHATT?! how did u do that? hahahahahahha!
oh yes, worst part of it was that, he was eating then suddenly i felt someone stepped on my feet.
i looked down and saw that it was aryll's.
i stared at him and i laughed out loud.
his face was like this >>-_____-? like what did i do?
ignoring me, he continued talking and laughing with abg shazran while his feet was still there!
then i said , "wow, aryll ! nice ah, u are stepping on my feet!"
then he replied, "OMGOD, that was your feet? i thought it was the metal bar!"
and he wondered how can a metal bar be moving just now? -___________-
anyway, my so called "cat" didnt come along yesterday.
too lazy at home, playing games i guess? should be. if noott, texting aye? *winkwink
LAZYBUMBUM, got his IPhone already mahh..
hope to you soon "asha"!

well, thats enough for today
and I MIGHT be changing to tumblr.
looking forward to our next meet P.O.L!
ttfn! =]

Entry title: im not ready yet.
Date / Time : Friday, December 25, 2009 / 8:16 AM
currently eating mudpie mcflurry.
mum just ordered Mc just now.
want some?
kindly come to cck then! hehehe:P jk.

im kinda busy with school lately.
yes i know, it's a SCHOOL holiday but apparently not really for me.
with this starleader thing and as star leaders, we need to help out with the sec 1 orientation.
and i was appointed to be a class leader for 1A.
and oh guess what?
the worst part of it was i am the class leader of 1A, TRISYA'S FORM CLASS!
ohgodd. ahhhhh!
anyways, i did some interview with the lil' kids. being the reporter of the day..
i still remembered my sec 1 orientation.
i came very late! -.- as usual.
and someone called me the 'PINK' girl cos' of my shoes.
they are striking pink and i get a friendly warning for that.
but suprisingly i didnt get caught for pink extensions. :o
but my junior saw them.
at first i told them to greet the teacher with a good morning before they register their name.
then there was this girl ,
"Kakak, u are using extensions ey?"
then i was like, "urmm, yea. but u cant use this to school. Im using it cos' it's urmm.. holiday."
scared that im giving them a wrong impression as a role model.
and she gave me this cheeky smile.

being a leader is a tough job especially when u have to wear the tie throughout the week.
im gonna SUFFER IN HOT WEATHER! i have to bring a towel everyday in that case. sheeshh..

it's like 4 days away.
and i have to spend another 10 months + 2 weeks (maybe) in school?
cant believe that im gonna be sec3 next yr.
and one more yr to sec 4.
okay, im hving butterflies in the stomach!
i still havent buy my uniform and my English, Emaths and Amaths books.

i think im gonna shop for new clothings and yessss dresses!
and have a new hairdo.
to cheer myself up so i wont worry so much abt next yr.
i hope. (:


with lots of love,

Entry title: Life
Date / Time : Sunday, December 06, 2009 / 8:25 AM
days passed.
time flies.
11 months just went by just like that.
and now it's December.

yes i am shocked as well.
2010 is a just a few days away.
it was like as though yesterday was the 2009 countdown.
how fast.

next yr's gonna be my third yr in sec school.
and the yr after that is my major exam.
GOD , i told myself not to think about it.
but you cant help it.
time wont wait for you.
it will go tick tock non-stop.
oh yea, hw i wish everything will slow down but that wont happen.
life still goes on.

smtimes, life is unfair and life sucks at times due to the people and things ard you.
in this world, there are full of people with different characters , different personalities.
life are smtimes full of lies.
but either way, there is always the good side and the bad side.
it's up to you where u want to belong to.

i guess people do changed.
but not for the better.
and i remembered putting this in my previous post.
"true friends will always stay with you no matter what you do or say".

i dont even know what's the difference with the NEWme and the OLDme.
or maybe i didnt change but you did?
oh well.
i heck care !

anyways, i gtg now.
im left with a few minutes more.
i hate to say this.
but yea, i have timer in this macbook.

nites readers;

Ros Erliyana
29 Sept 1995 (Libra)
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